What Is ChicksNKicks?

CNKDaily (aka ChicksNKicks) is a platform designed FOR and BY ladies who have an affinity for sneaker culture.  We share our personal stories, showcase our favorite sneaker styles, and speak our minds.  Originally established on Chan-Lo.com, our mission is to promote positive images of women, empower, and inspire (we call it #Chickspiration) millennials through our specialized features.

We strive to promote our favorite kicks while also highlighting women (and men – we don’t discriminate!) who are an inspiration to us not only for their senses of style, but because they are following their dreams and shaping their legacies – just like the rest of us.  

We are so excited to bring you our thoughts on our favorite sneakers, styles, and notables to watch, but most important, we are so excited for the opportunity to CHICKspire.  We hope you’ll join us.