Taylor Linds' Sneaker Closet Is Completely See-Through


Oh Canada.

We made our way to that North North, that up top to peep the sneaker collection of Taylor Linds: Toronto native, equality advocate, and the most organized collector we’ve seen in a minute. Enjoy your trip to the 6.

If you're lucky enough to step foot into this Toronto home, you’ll enter a room that, well, pretty much looks like it’s out of a Container Store catalog. Wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling shelves encompass the room, lined with tchotchkes and memorialbilia (that Michael Jordan wingspan poster? Yes. She has it), house a casual 200+ or so pairs. The owner of this sneaker utopia? Taylor Linds, travel consultant and the drop-front box princess.

Born and raised in Toronto, Linds is a true sneaker connosseaur. Inspired by both her brother's love for the sole life and her own affinity for hoops, Linds lets the sneakers speak for themselves and remains relatively lowkey. It would take anyone at least a few hours to get through every clear box in her closet, mainly because stopping every two seconds to admire a new pair is absolutely necessary, but also because Linds owns a small treasure trove of knick knacks. Everything from the aforementioned Jordan poster to limited edition basketballs housed safely in their cases. While ogling over the collection she's amassed (some a hypebeasts dream and others simple silhouettes that were only on the radar of those who love shoes), we chatted with Linds about her earliest memories with sneakers, her absolute love for Serena Williams, and the story behind all those drop-front boxes.


“My name is Taylor Linds, I am a passionate sneaker collector with about 200 pairs in my collection born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I fell in love with sneakers at a young age, originally through my enthusiasm for basketball and the hope to be like my brother. Full time I work as a Travel Consultant. Part time, I enjoy traveling to different sneaker events around the world and cheering on my Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs. “


“Nike has always been my number one whether they came to casual sneakers, my basketball shoes, or soccer cleats. My favorite silhouette is the Air Jordan 1, no matter what the colorway. I do own some Adidas and, as for comfort they are amazing but, I don’t own nearly as many as I own Nikes or Jordans.”


“In one word , I would describe my collection as “unique.” In my opinion, the perfect sneaker closet is owning shoes that I like, not just shoes that everyone else likes. I think it’s important to have a diverse collection.

My personal style is my sneaker closet. Period. I select my outfit based on which sneakers I am feeling that day or occasion. Really, my style is based on Toronto weather which is pretty unpredictable.”


“I am passionate about gender equality. Serena Williams is a role model of mine and inspires me and a million others to not only fight for what you believe in but, to “Just Do It”. Her passion to change the way people perceive women in sports is so inspiring which makes me believe, as a female sneakerhead, I am capable of being the best for myself and to ignore the negative people that want to bring you down. This has shaped me to be better and at the end of the day realize if you set your mind to it you are able to accomplish anything.”

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“My favorite sneaker is the Jordan 1, specifically, the Bred 1 is definitely one of my favorites. Growing up, I was too young to remember MJ in his prime but, this shoe allows me to have that connection to the photos of him hitting game winning shots in the Air Jordan 1 “Bred”? It is a classic that will never get old and you can never have too many pairs.”


“I received the clear drop=front boxes as a birthday gift and I always talked about how I loved Kicks0l0gy’s setup so much. All my original boxes are in storage.”


“My current sneaker rotation includes the Jordan 1 “Shadow”, Jordan 1 “Black Toe”, Atmos Air Max 1 & the Swarovski Black Air Max 97.

If i had to give away all of my shoes and only wear one I would chose the Jordan 1 Aleali May “Shadow”, I personally love the detail and the corduroy. The collaboration and the thought that went behind the shoe makes me love it even more.”

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“SneakHER culture to me is an amazing opportunity to engage, inspire, and learn from fellow sneaker enthusiasts.”

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