Yeezy Womenswear Designer Launches Her Own Label



A quick round of applause for Ms.Maisie Schloss, Yeezy’s womenswear designer, for seeing an opportunity and taking advantage of it! Kanye West announced on his appearance on David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction that he will be launching a fashion incubator program to support and provide financial assistance to aspiring creatives in fashion and design. Schloss is the first recipient of the grant and will have access to West for any input and support she needs in preparation of the launch of her clothing line, Maisie Wilen.

Schloss, like West, is a Chicago native and is a Parson’s graduate. The label is a spin on contemporary and chic pieces with a twist of color and pattern. A few pieces include single button blazers, lots of silk and knitted skirts and ‘70s inspired jumpsuits and minidresses. Now, this woman designs for Yeezy… so while the pieces may sound very fashionista (which they most definitely are- expect this line to serve looks), the pieces also have a spot for the chick who loves her kicks. A monochrome outfit, bodysuit or ruched skirt can appreciate some balance of a dope sneakHER.

The L.A premiere showcase features 85 items ranging from $100 to $900 USD. Stay posted for updates on Maisie's line here