Nike x Sacai Running Apparel Collection

Images: Nike

We all know what happened when the Nike and Sacai LDWaffle and Blazer hit the streets. They became one of the most sought after sneakers this year. We can see the same effect happening with the upcoming release of the Nike and Sacai running apparel.

The 11-piece collection combines the past and present of Nike’s running apparel innovations through a tour de force of strikingly-contrasted logos, patterns, colors and hemlines. "sacai was just at the beginning of its foray into the international realm,” says Fraser Cooke, Special Projects Senior Director. “We saw immediately that Abe is very good at mixing up sportswear with high fashion. One of the things that we thought was really interesting about working with sacai was her way of layering and draping.” And trust that layering and draping can be seen throughout the entire collection and it's fire.

“Often, I take the things I like from two different items of clothing and splice them together to create a whole that is bigger than the sum of its parts," explains Abe. "I express the end result as a ‘hybrid.' This take on design is on display with the creation of the Nike x Sacai skirt which is inspired by the styling of jacket tied around your waist.

“There has to be a genuine interest or connection in order for me to create something new and unexpected," says Abe. "Another important thing is that the partnership needs to contribute exactly half the work.

As we mentioned earlier the colorways of the LDWaffle is upon us and we hope you'll have your coins ready for when these drop. "We literally got two photocopied pictures of two different shoes that they folded in half and put on top of each other,” says Cooke of the beginning stages of the Nike x sacai LDWaffle. One of the most visually interesting shoes to hit the streets this year is coming back and hopefully you guys will have the chance to cop!

The Nike x sacai apparel drops in September with new colorways of the LDWaffle and Blazer. Stay tuned.