SneakHER Girls Guide To: Summer Shows With House of Vans

Images: Lani Tons for CNKDaily

One thing we pride ourselves on here at CNKDaily is our commonality. We totally get that being a woman often feels like a full-time job and sometimes, you just need a little help, a little bit of instruction and, ultimately, a way to make your life just a LITTLE bit easier. So, I had an idea to tap into our network to pull knowledge and insight from some of our favorite go-getting ladies for a series of "CNK Guides" designed to educate, empower, and help you compliment your already dope SneakHER Style. This time we're talking Summer Shows...

Tip #1: Keepin’ It Cozy

Vans recently debuted their Lady Vans collection which was all about DIY and luckily I was sent the Zine Sting Dress. I knew I would wear this to the show but it was too long for my frame, your girl is only 5'3 so I decided to cut it. The dress was also a bit straight for my liking so I tied a pink sweater I ownded from H&M around my waist to give it some shape. Also, I knew I wouldn't be to hot if I decided to go with something that was a little bit more loose fitting.

I also opted for a classic pair of Vans Sk8-Hi in black and white because we were going to House of Vans to see Anderson Paak duh! Plus, they go with everything. My goal when going to a summer show is basically keep it cozy.

Tip #2: Stay Thirsty My Friends

Let your hair down, you're here for a good time!

At the House of Vans show you'll find drinks from local Chicago breweries which is pretty cool if you're into that kind of thing. Chicago is not only known for it's food but it has a pretty good selection of beer so I've heard from brands such as Goose 312. There was a special drink of the night provided by Deep Eddy Vodka that was pretty delish.

Summer shows are usually outside and not inside like this one was (hallelujah) however even though we had VIP passes for the show and were able to take a seat in the air conditioned lounge area best believe the water was close by and we chugged the H20 like it was going out of style!

Tip #3: Enjoy The Show

Go ahead, record a few videos, but live in the moment.

The most imporant part of it all is to enjoy the show! While we love to capture things for social media, take some time to live in the moment and embrace why you're actually there! Even though I took several pics I was ready to have fun when Anderson Paak hit the stage and so were many others. Usually, there's a ton of phones out but this time the vibes were different!

Don't be that person who records the whole show and actually misses it! Grab a drink, make some new friends and actually immerse yourself in the show. Trust me you won't regret it!

Thank you to Vans for hooking us up with an opoortunity to check out one of their many summer shows taking place at House of Vans this summer. There's quite a few more for you guys to check out in the coming months!

Bonus: Here's some more cool photos from the show courtesy of Vans!