Adidas and their lifestyle branding dream team continue to bombard us with three stripe products that are pretty spiffy (read: Rita Ora's latest collections) so, when I received word that AO was prepping for yet another capsule collection, surprise wasn't the first feeling that registered. You'll be hard pressed to find anything on the Women's Typo Monogram Capsule Collection seeing that it looks to be the product of much overseas fanfare, but it still caught my eye and I figured you'd like the gist as well. Ready? Good. Sporting the A+ cut-and-sew elements we've seen in many Originals releases, the collection captures and international audience with modern silhouettes and a monochrome all-over print of Japanese characters.

Casually cut shirts and comfy-looking sweaters combine with track pants, leggings, and even a flowing skirt as the collection channels Trefoil and AO elements.

Starting on October 1st, the adidas Originals Typo Monogram Capsule Collection can be yours - that is, if you can track down its presence via select retail stores. My guess? Hit up major market vendors in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and London.



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So, will you "Keep" or "Can" this latest adidas Originals offering?