Sam Lao. If the name isn't familiar, it will be. Before Sam Lao burst onto the scene with "Pilgrims" and a solid Brain Gang co-sign, the girl with the hair was already generating local buzz due to her swoon-worthy snapshots and her history as one of the minds behind Unkommon Kolor. This Dallas-based artist offers a "Jill of All Trades" ability that most of us couldn't pull off even with Kanye levels of confidence. Painter, sculpter, poet, style goddess, and now, musician, are all titles Lao can display on a resume that would result in high-fives from anyone who has respect for those who can and do.

But, don't put Sam on a pedestal. The girl with curls that spawned an actual name of sorts (Sam...With The Hair) is just like us, right down to her Marvel obsession. Lao is a certified fangirl for the comic giant - just take a gander at the S.H.I.E.L.D. card that bears her name. "Storm," she confessed, is the character she would be if we all turned into superhuman OGs overnight. No hesitation.

Her effortless chic and knack for putting together pieces (see that bralette/Centre-buttoned bomber jacket/leather pant combo) is basically 2% trend and 98% Sam being Sam which made her a joy to work with, specifically because we didn't have to do a thing other than point, shoot, and ask questions. The thing we dig most, though? Her idea of creature comforts are remarkably similar - we share an affinity for Air Maxs and lighter-than-air Roshe Runs, simplicity and getting off the grid at least for a day.

Now, as Lao finds herself redefining her role as an artist and giving audiences another year of her behind-the-mic prowess, she's taking on a new project (the follow-up to 2013's West Pantego) and a distinct vision of what it means to be Sam Lao.

Check out the shots below as we meet up with Sam in order to spread some love and show off our balloon bouquet in honor of Valentines Day. Plus, we got shots of her in our signature tee and in some pretty amaze Nike Air Max 90s in "Hyper Pink." Win and win.


My Best Valentine: "I'd had a bad week and I tweeted about needing cupcakes and my BF showed up to my job with them. We just spent a quiet night in, but it was sweet and simple."

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Go-To Kicks: "Nike Air Max 90, Nike Huarache, Nike Roshe Run and Jordan XI. I'm a Nike girl, for sure."

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My bucket list: "Learn multiple languages, live in another country, live off the grid."

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If I wasn't an artist I'd be: "DEAD!! Well, that's dramatic, but I'd definitely be boring."

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Sam Lao: In Her Own Words

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Photo Credit: WMS Photography Graphics: WMS Photography Creative Direction: Chan-Lo