So, look. I've been peeping game as of late and Beyoncé has been sticking to her sneakers quite often lately. While there's nothing at all questionable about Bey slipping into the comfy canvas of Converse, it's kind of her M.O. to step out fly in one designer before she announces something big. For weeks, Beyonce has made super fresh and cute appearances on the sidewalk catwalk in Converse Chuck Taylors. We thought it was just one of those one-in-a-blue-moon occasion we would see the Queen Bee in a pair of sneakers. But, no. Candids in New York and pre-plane attire to the whole fam in the game, Bey has made her world a Converse-loving one:



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Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 5.28.29 PM_zpsctq5q5z1

Now could Bey just love herself some Converse and that's all there is to it? Sure! However, with the release of the new Chuck II this week, we (read: me...all me) foresee a possible collaboration with the iconic brand. It's a pattern with B.

Last year, when she wore TopShop almost every day, she later announced a huge partnership with the company. When she flossed her fit body during and after her On The Run tour with her husband Jay Z, she announced her Vegan meal system. When she posed with a Slurpee from 7-11, she released an entire song named after the frosty beverage. Catch where I'm going with this?

Bey, the international brand that she is, rarely promotes anything just because. And we love that. So this Converse cowinkidink is giving us pause and making us wonder about a possible Beyonce x Converse collab in the future.

Would you love to see a Beyonce sneaker? Let us know your thoughts.