Solange Knowles and PUMA have joined forces once again for the launch of the latter's Fall 2015 collection dubbed, "Word to the Woman." Solange steps in to profile 15 influential women from various industries to give some real-life appeal to the celebration of women and female empowerment. When I saw the headline (and the corresponding website) for this movement, I instantly did a small dance in my swivel chair. Even though I didn't exactly know the full story quite yet - I knew that Puma and Solange together is always a pretty good thing.

Now that we've got some perspective on the collection that “celebrates women who innovate and redefine roles in varied walks of life" we thought it would be pretty awesome to meet some of the women selected to represent #Chickspiration from different perspectives.

tumblr_nsdd50w6kV1uczg7ro1_r1_1280_wxr9tb Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels, director of the Jack Shaiman Gallery.

tumblr_nsdb07hXWY1uczg7ro1_r1_1280_d1b4vb Lindsey Tipley = one bad ass DJ.

tumblr_nsdd5cYtTx1uczg7ro1_r1_1280_tebip4 Bee Walker, uber talented NYC-based photographer.

tumblr_nsdb0a5F3w1uczg7ro1_r1_1280_rzkh1x February James, oil pastel artist from Washington, D.C.

Solange-x-Pumas-Word-to-the-Woman-Fall-2015-Collection-light-blue-suede-on-model-Mengly-2-700x483 Mengly Hernandez is a creator, designer, stylist and a single mom.

This "Word to the Women" drop marks the first in two scheduled releases for this collection. The shoes feature a revamped take on Puma's iconic suede with mono coloring and patterns carved in the shoe's upper. Available in four bold and striking colorways, each are priced at $90 USD and are now available on








We're feeling everything about this collection and this content! Take a look at more by visiting the official website.