German-based brand Puma landed gold when Rihanna signed on as their new face and Creative Director. Riri has done nothing short of generate tremendous buzz for the brand over the last few months and now, it seems Puma is finally ready to give us something to buy. Yesterday, via the @RihannaFiles Twitter page, we received our first preview of her upcoming Puma signature shoe. While the reveal is enticing, it only confirms what we've thought for months: Rihanna's gonna finally give us the creeps - BKA the Puma “Creeper.” Rihanna gets not one, but two shout-outs on the box—Puma by Rihanna printed in the upper right corner and FENTY printed across the bottom.

According to Foot Locker’s release date calendar, the shoes (which are based on an original design by Mr. Completely) will be dropping on September 25 in, wait for it, multiple colorways! While which color combos remain to be seen, one thing is for sure: we’re ready for all of them.