Images: Filling Pieces

Images: Filling Pieces

Filling Pieces is known for bringing unique offerings to the already over flowing sneaker table, and now, they deliver a shoe that seems more suited for fall or winter as opposed to their Spring/Summer collection.

The Dutch footwear brand unveiled their first ever knee high boot which is available in two colorways: black and beige/light pink. The neoprene boots can be worn folded over or over the knee for a more lean look. Filling Pieces adds a Ghost sole and elastic bungee lacing that criss-crosses the leg for an extra layered look.

Are you feeling this FP offering? Personally, my thighs are a bit too thick for this here sneakerboot, also - I live in Texas where it's too dang hot for this, so, there's that. However, those of you who reside in cooler climates (or if you just want to hold them until winter 2017) may want to give these a go - they won't come cheap, though. Look for these to run you €330 EUR (approximately $365 USD) right now on

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