We are always wondering what our CNK Gang is into and what shoes make it on your wishlist. What better way to find out than asking you all directly. Our weekly CNK Poll Series will pick a shoe and reach out to our sneaker ladies for a thumbs up or thumbs down. Adding to your collection is a decision that is based on multiple factors.

Our CNK Poll of the Week features a popular fall silhouette. At the beginning of this year, Nike unveiled the "Force is Female" campaign which embodied female empowerment and ladies' representation as culture shapers with dope style. Since then, the Special Force Air Force 1 has been a fan favorite.

Image: NIKE (SF AF-1 in "Binary Blue")

Image: NIKE (SF AF-1 in "Binary Blue")

During this year we have seen some mid-versions of the SF AF-1 silhouette drop, and I have personally been throwin' it in a prayer circle for the original olive colorway to make it's return. But first, the ladies are getting a NEW colorway with a twist.

CNK decided to enlisted 25 ladies of the round sneaker table to weigh in on their thoughts of the SF AF-1, and if it was a definite COP or an easy CAN. Let's break it down and see what the ladies thought.

Material Girl...

The material of a sneaker has always been a hot topic for the ladies. We want quality over quantity any day. Many of our ladies were feelin' the patent leather. While I am not a huge fan of this material on shoes, our east coast baes had valid points that the sneaker would be able to handle the elements (i.e. rain/snow) while being easy to clean. Other ladies noted that this entire sneaker was doing "the most".

"[Just because of how high they are]... that would be a thigh high on me" - @dlo1014

"the patent adds too much to a shoe that already has a tons of layers....." - @evemeetswest 


Colorways are crucial...

Is this a fly colorway? Suprisingly, this question was split down the middle. I felt that the deep burgundy colorway is perfect for the fall SZN, but some of the ladies weren't feelin' it as much. When we think of fall/winter, our mind tends to shift to olive or burgundy hues. Personally, I would have liked to see a darker midsole to compliment the deep colorway.

"You wear those and you are going to turn heads and stand out.  And deep down ALL sneakerheads love to stand out!!" - @ms_nettie

Image: (SF AF-1 in 'Bone White')

Image: (SF AF-1 in 'Bone White')

Military minded style...

What really makes the SF AF-1 stand out is the military aesthetic. One of our sole sistas questioned what was going on with the whole paracord situation, but others felt there were legitimate style opportunties tied to the sneaker. Pairing with some camo, perhaps? Or rock it with black on black everything? While every lady isn't into the high top sneaker, this style is one of my personal favorites.

"...military aesthetic is perfect for fall (especially for people who deal with snow) the patent leather gives it a classic touch." - @solacilike


OUR RESULTS ARE IN! This was a very close CNK Poll, but giving this sneaker a pass and saving some coins (these will run between $140-$180 we believe) was the ultimate decision. This WMNS SF AF-1 is set to drop in October.

Let us know your thoughts, and if you would like to participate in our poll next week, shoot us a message on social media. If you don't have a pair of the SF AF-1, get ready for fall and cop below!


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