Images: New Balance

Images: New Balance

New Balance is one those classic sneaker brands that constantly delivers gems to diversify your rotation. From the ultra-comfy 996 to the modern X90, there’s so much to choose from. Just in case you missed it the first time, New Balance is back with more colorways of it’s limited edition Swarovski Crystal 574. The luxe sneaker is available for a limited time and is fully customizable with the NB1 service.

With a wide variety of colors for the upper layers and outsole, you can get super creative in the design studio. The upper of this ultra-luxe 574 is all suede with a premium leather lining. Creating a bold statement, the “N” logo on each sneaker is completely covered in Swarovski Crystals. This time around, you can choose champagne pink ‘Rosé’ crystals or black duochrome ‘Peacock’ crystals. Once customized from the laces to the sole, you’ll receive the sneakers with accompanying ribbon laces along with shoe bags and a premium bespoke box.

These limited-edition NB Swarovski 574’s are super cute. I love the fact that you can fully customize them with only the best materials. Ringing in at $300, you definitely get what you pay for with these luxury sneakers. The shoes are only available for a limited time so if you need these crystal kicks in your life, you can SHOP THE SNEAKS below.