Images: NIKE

Images: NIKE

When I first caught glimpses of the 10 silhouettes in the "Reimagined" pack, I didn't know what to think. With many opinions swirling around the e-streets about this release, I wanted to take some time to form my own opinion without outside influence.

When it came down to it, I was intrigued that Nike would appoint a team of 14 ALL female specialists within the brands design group to 'reimagine' a couple of sneakers. Not any sneakers though, these are the two most beloved staple kicks born out the 80s. The Nike Air Force 1 and the Air Jordan 1. Although these pairs started out as court shoes, they have transcended a culture weaving in and out of sports, music, and streetwear. We can't deny they are timeless.


Swipe and meet the 14 designers behind the sneaks.

So how did these ladies within Nike rebrand these sneakers to make a statements given the current styles and trends? For one, these 10 sneakers in the collection (5 Jordan/5 AF1) are meant to be bold. Georgina James led the charge to determine how each version would define a women's dimensions and needs.

“From a design point of view, each of the designers has a very unique background and personality. Our theory is that when you mix diverse creative talents you realize some magic.”

                                                                                              - Andy Caine, Footwear Director

With a tight timeframe of two weeks, the design experts worked diligently bringing diverse personalities to the table. The collaboration created the "Reimagined" Collection. From first glance, we get a futuristic, minimalist vibe with interesting details. Check out all the kicks below!


All the pairs drop tomorrow, therefore you want to set your alerts for shopping our SHOP THE SNEAKS buttons. The pairs range from $120-$160 USD. Do any of these stand out as a favorite that you would want to grab? While I may pass on these, I can't help but smile at the fact that a group of women were chosen to sit down together and create a new idea for a women's collection. For us by us. This is exactly what we need more of.

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