It's no surprise that the "dad shoe" trend has taken over the e-streets more recently. From high fashion brands to staple footwear brands, everyone is grabbing a piece of the sneakHER pie. For those that are no familiar with the dad shoe craze, it's basically a chunky or bulkier looking silhouette reminiscent of kicks that our dads would rock back in the gap.

Originating from the Air Monarch lineage that became a hit in the early 2000s, the latest Nike WMNS M2K Tekno pays homage to its predecessor. The updated M2K plays off the original chunky style of the beloved Air Monarch while adding it's own details to make it stand out. This iteration is dipped in a baby pink with new Swoosh detailing a thicker tongue. The looks sits on a pale pink midsole constructed of lightweight foam for maximum cushioning.

Are you into the dad shoe craze? I haven't jumped on the bandwagon juuust yet, but the new Nike WMNS M2K Tekno has been grabbing the ladies' attention. While the Air Monarch was originally designed for women, the fellas have been interested in this family of sneakers too. If you're feeling this pair, you can SHOP THE SNEAKS below for $100 USD when they release on 5/5.


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