Images: Nike

Images: Nike

Earlier this year, before the return of the Air Max 97, we saw a super luxe version of the shoe. While we were definitely in drool mode and imagining ourselves frolicking throughout our streets in these magical sneaks, we pumped our imagination breaks when we got a peak at the price tag. $400.00. Basically, if these were purchased someone better not step on them and I'd be checking everyday for loose or missing crystals. OK?

Fast forward 6 months later and Nike is revisiting the Swarovski Air Max 97 and this time, the "Silver Bullet" gets it's own sparkled up revamp.

To ring in 20 years, NikeWomen designers looked to a material pioneer, Swarovski, and their Crystal Fabric, to creatively embellish and add durability to the Air Max 97. Containing tiny, densely clustered cut and uncut crystals, the fabric offers a gleaming yet gritty appearance, perfect for a new expression of the original’s signature shine.


“This was such an exciting project in terms of material innovation,” says Marie Crow, Nike Material Design Director for NikeWomen Sportswear. “We were looking to explore shine and durability in a new and innovative way, and we loved the juxtaposition of the Crystal Fabric’s tough sparkle to reinvent an already iconic shoe.”

The fabric was then applied through a heat fusing process, without any stitching, that uses precise pattern pieces — varying for each shoe size — to curve around the waves of the 97, including the expanse of the one-piece rand. As the shoe moves, the crystals refract light with a bright, shimmering effect. Released in black for Spring, and now in silver for Fall, the Air Max 97 LX with Swarovski crystals marks the first time NikeWomen has used Swarovski crystals on a shoe, as well as the first time Nike has fused precious material onto the Air Max 97.

The Air Max 97 LX “Swarovski” will be available globally, in women’s sizing, starting September 7 at select retailers.

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