Images: Tommy Hilfiger

All of our favorite 90’s brands are back in a major way from Reebok, Karl Kani, and of course Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger has debuted their Tommy Jeans Spring 2018 capsule and we get a look at this nostalgic sneaker. This classic chunky sneaker made it’s debut back in 97’ and it’s back again. The shoe features the Tommy Hilfigers classic color trio stamped on the tongue of the shoe that unzips to show additional lacing. It also features “Tommy Hilfiger” on the misole in large lettering.

If you’re feeling these you can grab a pair online on May 9th. Just to show you guys how nostalgic these shoes are here’s a picture of me above on my 8th birthday rocking these in the white colorway. Thanks Mom! #TheGoodOlDays