This Is What Jordan Brand Has In Store For The Ladies This Fall Jordan Brand Paris 2019.JPG

Images: Tati Dubrovskaya

Over the weekend, we made the trek to Paris to get a peek at what Jordan Brand has in store for the remainder of 2019. Those of us who have a healthy obsession with the Jumpman (read: our Managing Editor Cassidy) were geeked to see what Jordan would be rolling out in these final quarters. As for me, I was eager to see what we could expect from the brand specifically for women.

From sweats and jackets to t-shirts and shoes, women are often presented with options that are made more men and styled for women. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - I'm firm in my belief that most of the women I see rocking streetwear can do it better than most men (hi, Aleali May, but it also means we aren't getting items made specifically for us - espeically when it comes to apparel.

While we didn't see a full range specifically for women on this trip, it seems that Jordan Brand is fully embracing the idea of sportswear that is more unisex than inherently masculine. But, there were a few pieces we loved that were specifically created with women in mind: a white and black jersey dress, a pink and purple bomber jacket, a silver jumpsuit that we were kind of on the fence about, and a black utility jumpsuit that I totally would have stolen off of the mannequin. Seriously. Each piece is designed to be paired with a number of things you probably have in your closet. Need a legging for that jersey? Grab a black pair from your drawer. Ultimately, making the most out of your purchase is high on the priority list here and that, in all honesty, is a selling point we can get behind.

As we embark on the second half of 2019 Jordan Brand unveiled the Modern Apparel Collection, which represents Jumpman’s Flight Utility ethos, to form a modern expression of basketball culture. The apparel is more about functionality, with materials and construction choices being based on specific needs. Think more utility pieces, more convertible wear, pieces that combine high quality breathable knits -- all resulting intentional design and craftmanship that results in timeless gear that'll stay in your closet beyond 2019.

The Jumpman Modern Apparel Collection is spaced into three distinct categories: 23 Engineered - a contemporary take on heritage styles and capsule collections; Remastered Sued Lux – reimagined Jordan silhouettes with a touch of luxury; and the Rivals Collection – a nostalgia collection celebrating MJ’s historic 1991 playoff run.

In addition, you'll see a nod to Jordan Brand's storied partnership with Quai 54 (a Paris Basketball Tourney showcasing the best in Euro ball) and Jordan's latest take on running shoes – a trio designed specifically to aid team sports athletes through conditioning and speed-focused training.

Each shoe has NIKE Inc.’s React technology for long-lasting cushioning. Personally, I wore a pair of these for a few hours of walking through Paris and they were COMFORTABLE. All caps.

Last but, certainly not least, Jordan Brand and Paris Saint-Germain announced the second season of its apparel collection. The collaboration offers a build on brand and the city of lights, highlighting contemporary designs that are up the alley of anyone who considers black a favorite color. And, for those of you who have an affinity for Infrareds, the collection is inspired by the Air Jordan VI and Infrared color combinations.

You can look to see the the Jordan Brand x Paris Saint-Germain collection to be released in late June. The 23 Engineered, Remasterd, and Rivals collections will be available in July.