Images: PUMA

PUMA’s #DoYou Women’s campaign is committed to inspiring women everywhere to stay true to themselves. Last month, the campaign crafted by Puma Creative Director, Rihanna (yup, you read that right) kicked off in a massive way by featuring actress Cara Delevingne as it's first face.

This month, the movement continues and highlights a whole group of strong and epically fierce women including NYC Ballet dancers Mimi Staker and Olivia Boisson, track and field athletes Jenna Prandini, Alexandra Wester, and Tatjana Pinto, as well as members of the Cuban National Volleyball Team - Lianma Flores and Leila Consuelo.

See the campaign snaps below.

Pretty empowering, right?? Be sure to check out more pics from the jaw-dropping campaign in the gallery (above) and stay tuned to for more #DoYou updates!

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