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Senior Innovator.  Pretty cool title, right? That is Tiffany Beers, Senior Innovator for Nike and one of the people responsible for the technology that brought the Nike Air Mag to life.

The Air Mag, which Nike is releasing via raffle until tomorrow (October 11th), is the jaw-dropping power-lacing shoe first seen in Back To The Future II.  Thanks to the dedication (and certified smarts) of Tiffany Beers and her team, this sneaker unicorn is breaking into uncharted territory not only with the Air Mag but with another (more versatile) self-lacing shoe - the Nike HyperAdapt which is set to release in November.

Last week, our friends at SneakerNews we got to check out the self-lacing Nike Mag in all its glory and spent some time chatting with Tiffany.  They talked about the future of self-lacing shoes, why the Nike Mag is so limited in number, and more.  If you're interested in seeing how this trailblazer is making HERstory with the Swoosh, take a look at a few of our favorite excerpts below. 

Image: SneakerNews

On her start with Mag technology (Hint: They call him Tinker)

It was always the vision of the self-lacing shoe. Back when Tinker [Hatfield] originally asked me about this, we tried it, we couldn’t quite get it to work. So we had to wait for some technology developments and things like that. We came back to it, kept working on just lighting the Mag, and came back to it after we launched the Mag in 2011. After that launch, we came back it hard. The technology was now there, we had the right fit system, we had Flywire now, and we also just focused more effort on testing with athletes and building more and more ambition behind it.

Nike Air Mag (Image: Nike)

On the limited run of the Nike Mag and it's significance:

I’m honestly excited that we have 89 pairs. This shoe was really hard to make, so i’m really stoked that we have 89 to give out. It could’ve been one. We could’ve given that one pair to Michael J. Fox and be done there, but we worked and worked and worked and figured out how to make more.

This just isn’t mass-producable like that. It’s so far advanced. There’s no stitching. The upper is so minimal, and the mechanism inside the sole is so low to the ground. That’s really tricky to do. Each size is really another model.

Each one of the sizes is a different dimension and it makes it much more difficult when you’re doing stuff like adding a self-lacing mechanism. It’s like building four different shoes.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 releasing November 28, 2016. (Image: SneakerNews)

On the importance of customer feedback:

[The Nike Mag] started with a public petition, and we’re listening. Tell us what you want. I think there’s no better input than the consumer who is living it and breathing it at home. How does it work for your lifestyle? It’s different, because you have to charge it. The HyperAdapt, you don’t have to charge often, but you still have to charge it. What do you think? How does that work for you? Help us improve it.

On seeing her innovative products (power lacing, Air Jordan XX9, the first Air Yeezy) come to fruition:

You know what, it’s amazing. I was lucky. I was in the right place at the right time and I worked really hard. I even find myself shocked, you know. It’s so incredible to work on this program for such a long time.

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