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I enjoy how I feel after I work out.  The sweat and post-burpee exhaustion is quite euphoric, in my personal opinion. HOWEVER (please be sure to take note of the all caps there) pre-workout usually finds me having to mutter several mantras just to get started ("You can do this." "Just get it over with." "You can't have anything that tastes remotely good if you don't do it."....etc.) and mid-workout, well, I'm just trying to stay in the zone and focus on the goal. Chit chat will get you a top 10 side eye.  

So, when I was invited to participate in a #BetterForIt event with Nike Dallas I was a bit hesitant (read: terrified) but, I also knew I'd be in for a workout that would push me to my limits and result in all types of post-workout euphoria.

I was so right.

Image: NikeDallas

The Gym of Social Mechanics in Dallas, Texas played host to about 8 local ladies who participated in Nike Women's #BetterForIt Challenge.  The 8-week event corresponded directly with the launch of Nike Women's online series, Margot vs. Lily, and included weekly workouts via the Nike Running and/or Nike Training Club apps.

Those of us who participated were invited to a free training session with the folks at TGSM and two awesome Nike employees. Heidi, one of Nike Women's coordinators brought amazing goodies for the group so we could sweat in style. 

Image: NikeDallas

I absolutely loved the Nike Pro Hypercool Women's Training Tank and the Nike Pro Classic Women's Sports Bra.  The Nike Pro Hypercool Tidal Multi Tights were awesome, but if you're a girl with thighs (!!! <-- this is me waving) you'll want to make sure you go up a size to make sure to maximize your comfort - especially if you'll be engaged in strenuous workouts.  

Image: NikeDallas

As for the shoes, Nike treated us to a pair of their Nike Lunar Sculpt Training Shoe. Personally, I've always been a fan of the Runners and I've never bought a shoe specifically for training. With it's light material and Lunerlon sole, the Lunar Sculpt was a winner when it came time for lunges and weight work.  Jumping and running probably aren't the best in this shoe if, like me, you have high arches.  So, I'll definitely be utilizing these in workouts that don't include quick sprints or box jumps.

To shop the goods for yourself, click the links below.

After getting fitted, we took to the streets of Greenville for a quick warm-up run before diving into the good stuff.  Cristen, our Social Mechanics instructor, took us through a tough 25-minute workout which pretty much left me both depleted and pretty darn proud of myself, thank you very much.

Image: NikeDallas

The greatest thing about this event? Meeting tons of ladies who encouraged and shared their stories!  What a fun way to meet people and kill a workout!  

Plus Nike, knowing we'd all be pretty darn famished, provided amazing eats and the best post-workout energy tea (seriously) courtesy of HG Supply Co. You might remember them for our Farm-To-Fork #FitChicks post recently. 

Image: CNK

This Saturday challenge definitely was a fun way to engage and push myself to every last limit. I'm so happy that I made it a priority to attend and I'm even more glad that I'm truly beginning to see the hard work paying off. Better for it, indeed.

Take a look up top at more shots from the day!

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