How many pairs of kicks do you have on your Wish List? We have TONS.  From our favorite Jordan 3's to a crisp pair of classic adidas Superstars, the options (and wants vs. needs conversations) are endless. So, we took a beat to think about what some of our favorite sneakchic influencers are wishing for in their shopping carts and the results are priceless.  We teamed up with Boss Babe Ticara Davis for a new peak inside the Wish Lists of a few women who were kind enough to hip us to 5 sneakers they want, need, and have already.  

Check out the first lady up.

Image: DianaKMir Instagram

Words and Interview: @TicaraDevone

Meet Diana:

Diana Mireles | Production for Reckless Girls x Blogger @ | Instagram @dianakmir

Diana's Wish List:

1.  Nike Flyknit Racer

"My absolute favorite and go to sneaker hands down. Not only are they stylish, but also super comfortable. I personally like these the best because they are not bulky and have more of a slim fit, which makes your foot look more "girly" (if that makes sense). I so far have 6 pairs of these and I am always on the hunt for more. Although these are technically running sneakers, I've seen a couple different styles of wearing them, whether it's in active wear, street style, or even girly with a skirt or fitted dress with a bomber jacket."

Diana's Pick: Nike Air Huarache Run - $250 (above: Bronzine)

2. Nike Air Huarache

"Huaraches made a huge come back this year and I think personally was a top 3 sneaker in 2015 with no sign of them going out of style anytime soon. Girls definitely got way more love on these than guys did when it comes to colorways. One of the most sought after is the "bronzine" color way which was super hard to find at a decent price. I am always sold on sneakers when they look dope and are comfortable so these were a win/win for me. The only downside on this pair is having to go up half a size to a full size. It could be a mental thing, but I feel like they make your foot look slightly bigger. Overall, still one of my favorite sneaker silhouettes."

3. Jordans 11s

"Need I say more? Known to be one of the flyest and holiday release sneakers that are a mission to buy at retail. These are personally my favorite Jordan’s on the roster. I usually stick with the retro color ways, which give them more of a classic look. They do have more of a tomboy look but if you got style, you for sure will know how to rock them. The only downside on these is the insane crazy price on them ($160 retail). I remember getting my Jays back in the mid 2000s at around $75, but $160 retail for grade school?! INSANE! I understand if it's resell price, but that at retail for grade school sizes is too high."

4. Jordan 1

"Another of my favorite Jordan silhouettes and, in my opinion, a more girly option due to their 'not-so-bulky' fit. Jordan 1’s are definitely a classic that should be in everyone’s collection. My all time favorite colorways would have to be the 'Breds' (above) and the Air Jordan 1 Retro in Black/Metallic Gold.  I remember seeing those on Cassie in her "Me & U" video and I thought I was the sh*t because I had them too! Haha!"

Diana's Pick: adidas Ultra Boost (Triple White - shown)

5. Adidas Ultra Boost

"I recently started running and found a new love for these sneakers. I was gifted a few pairs by adidas when I became a Brand Influencer for them and instantly fell in love with these. Not only are they stylish but also super comfortable to run in, even if all you're doing is "running" errands. Haha!  I've seen these being worn many different ways and are a great staple piece to anyone's wardrobe.  As for running, they have enough support [that] it feels like you're walking/running on clouds.  The price on these are a bit steep (starting at $180) so, I never really see [many in my] running community in them.  They are usually more of a street style sneaker, but they're definitely a stylish way to stay active and fit."

Many thanks to Diana for the interview and a peek inside her #WishList!  If you'd like to let us know what's on your Wish List, feel free to email us at!

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