Images: M.Lin/Sheikh Shoes

Photos x Words by Ozodi Onyeabor

As the Spring/Summer 2017 season of fashion week rolls on in New York and Rihanna officially delivers her FENTYXPUMA line in Bergdorf Goodman, an exclusive debut launched in Los Angeles this past Wednesday, September 7th. In collaboration with Popular Demand, everyone came out and showed off for a night of Fenty fun at Sheikh Shoes in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Image: O.Onyeabor

The night ensued with debut looks from the FENTYXPUMA Fall 2016 collection. Aside from the FENTY Creepers that have been released for the past year, with three more exclusive colors that dropped earlier this year, Rihanna truly placed her signature taste on the Puma sportswear apparel. From track suits, crop tops, maxi dresses, and boots, this bad gal's creative direction for Puma's reprise is coming into fruition and mirroring her personal style for the everyday cozy girl. Dress it up with chained, platform boots (including these sneaker heels we love to hate) or dress it down with the oversized tracksuits, available white or gray both stamped with the Japanese flag motif on the back of each jacket.

Sneakerheads, fashionistas, and fellow cozy girl ChicksNKicks were enticed by the FENTYxPUMA line and rushed throughout the pop-up shop to get their hands on the merch. The influence from the late 90’s and early 2000’s (think classic DKNY’s sportswear) is more than evident and throughout the night, I could not help but see a comparison between today's big brands (adidas and now Puma) taking a significant nod from nineties design houses, such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, with a reprise in generating new customer bases using the influence of hip-hop musicians. Artists like Frank Ocean and Young Thug have been used in Calvin Klein as high fashion influencers and, similarly, artists like Kanye West and Stan Smith have brought Adidas to a level that now competes with Nike.  As the face of Puma's new age, Rihanna rings in a new age of fashion trends and culture for the #ForeverFaster brand.

Our night with Rihanna's latest collection carried on with special appearances from Machine Gun Kelly and LA-local R&B artist (also Jhene Aiko's older sister), Mila J. The Popular Demand team was in the building holding down the fort and debuting the long awaited FENTY line and curating the vibes for a great event.

Food was provided by California Sushi Donuts and milk tea was brought in from Milk Box LA. Photo booth stations, henna and Rih-Rih themed nail designs were supplied for guests to have supplemental goodies to their FENTYxPUMA purchases. The night was a fun and fashion filled.

Following the debut pop-up shop event, Rihanna’s line is available in stores around Los Angeles, like SIX:02 on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood.  To see where you might buy the collection near you, click here.

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