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Our September Boss Chick: @EveMeetsWest (photo: Instagram)

The internet, more specifically apps like Instagram and Twitter, have opened us up to discovering amazing people around the world. Evelynn Escobar-Thomas (but, she goes by Eve) is one of those ladies that brings the sunshine with every scroll.  The 25-year-old lifestyle blogger and content creator brings both a love a sneaks and some serious wanderlust inspiration as she promotes positivity with every captured moment.

So, why exactly is Eve is our September Boss Chick?  We’ve got three reasons why she inspires us in the BOSSiest way possible.  Let’s get to it.

Photo: Instagram


You’ve got to respect someone who dreams big.  You’ve really got to respect someone who goes out and chases those dreams.  Originally from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area, Eve took a chance on herself, packed up, and made the trek out to the best coast for a new adventure.  Hence, the name of her website and brand: EveMeetsWest. Take one look at her Instagram and you’ll see, that Cali living is suiting her (and her travels) just fine.


More than anything, Fit Chicks has been and will continue to be about showing love to people who inspire us.  Eve seems to constantly catch our eye simply because she’s herself. Her life, through her lens, is engaging and inspires us to grab life by the horns and just GO. BUT, she also uses her influence and her eye-catching imagery to speak on issues that affect all of us. 

Image: Instagram


As a social media curator by trade, Eve knows how to get our attention and it totally shows.  From showcasing effortless sneaker style around her L.A. home to capturing breathtaking snaps from journeys near and far, Eve is a brilliant story teller who actually has opened our eyes (and woken our inner wanderlust) to a myriad of places we'd never think to explore. When you're planning a getaway has traipsing through cactus plants in Sedonathe beaches of Baja, or Salvation Mountain ever come to mind? That would be a no. Thanks to Eve, we're super eager to get our travel on. 


Be sure you keep up with Eve and her adventures by checking out the links below.


Website: EveMeetsWest.com

Instagram: EveMeetsWest

Twitter: @EveMeetsWest

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