I hope you all had an amazing New Years! I rang in 2017 at a friend's church, complete with 12:00 AM balloon drop and everything. I had an awesome time and I'm still feeling extremely blessed by it. I honestly feel like I started January in the best way possible for myself and I definitely plan on keeping the joy and peace a constant this year.

After traipsing around NYC with Donette Lowe of Cozy Girl Squad for our Nike Does Winter sneaker diary, I thought I'd take it back to the concrete jungle for a this winter-friendly look. I've always loved cream coats, but because I'm accident prone and will find a way to get it dirty I've steered clear of the winter white goodness. That is, until I found a coat that wasn't too pricey. I grabbed this Micheal Kors beauty from Nordstrom Rack a few years ago for $90 bucks marked down from $220. STEAL! Thankfully, I've been able to keep it relatively spot free (minus an ugly stain on my right sleeve - don't ask) for about two years

While my knee-length winter coat is nowhere to be found on the interwebs (I searched for y'all) I did find one from Uniqlo that is SUPER similar marked down from $90 to $50 + if you sign up for Uniqlo's mailing list, you'll get $10 off your purchase. A cream winter coat for $40? Go ahead and do a dance.

I paired my cream coat with a pair of low rise HM skinny jeans in grey and a classic pair of white Converse Chuck Taylors. These are actually the Converse Chuck II. Personally, these are a little hard to get on and I'm not really used to paying $80-90 for a pair of Chucks. However, they were amazing walking shoes while in NYC. I walked almost everywhere and they stood up really well without too much wear and tear.

I'll be shooting again for Sneaker Diary this weekend and (I hope!) to get a few other faces in the rotation this year. Did you guys get a chance to check out our full feature on Cozy Girl Squad's website? If not, check it out here. The pics are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. LOL!

Photos: PaidInGold

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