With the Chicago Marathon taking place tomorrow, NikeLab Chi curated an intimate experience which allowed influencers to spend a day in the life of an Elite Runner.

The day started at 9 am with a breakfast spread that would fuel us through our first quick run of the day. As a gift all particpants were fitted in NikeLab running gear with a focus on the Nike Zoom Fly running shoe.

After a quick run with New York based Nike Run Club Coach Ross we headed back to the Flyhouse for a moment of mindfulness. During this time we were able to get in tune with our bodies and prepare our minds for the rest of the day.

We grabbed light snacks and gathered around the couch to listen to one of the lead scientists from Nike's Breaking2 Project. We had the opportunity to learn more about the Zoom Fly and how this prototype was tested two years earlier with marathon runners. We gained an in-depth look at the shoe that changed running history back in May as Eliud Kipchoge ran the marathon in two hours and 25 seconds. This project allowed Nike to test the human potential to go beyond what science says it can do.

Then, it was time to hit gravel again in our Nike Zoom Fly but this time with a better understanding of what the shoe was all about.

This happened to be one of the more challenging aspects of the day. After hearing marathon stories from Coach Ross and learning about the shoe we would be running in it was time to see if these could actually make us faster. We went through a series of running training drills that ranged from high knees, butt kicks, sprints and more.

During lunch we had the opportunity to watch Nike's Breaking2 Documentary which highlighed 3 runners who pushed the limit of the 2 hour marathon. The film included some thought provoking quotes and stories from the runners especially Eulid.

We then took the time to learn about sports psychology and how it's really all in your mind per se. We learned how to redirect our thinking with a challenging excercise which made us alter our thoughts process when we really wanted to just quit. To make the exercise even more challengeing we had Nike coaches telling us to "quit,""your not strong enough,""you'll never run a marathon" and we made it to about 2 minutes holding our squats and planks.


As it was almost time to wrap up the day we went for another run around the neighborhood which seemed much easier than when we started our day. I was able to apply all the things I learned during the last run and felt very accomplished!

It was dope to have a supportive team of runners around and we helped push each other throughout the day. That's what the #Flyhouse was all bout; we all working together to complete a goal. Also we were gifted with the NikeLab Zoom Fly SP "Chicago" which was a super sick surprise!

To all the runners tomorrow here's a quote from Eulid Kipchoge

"With a strong heart and a good mind, you can do it." Go ahead and #RISECHICAGO you got this!