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February is the month where we tend to put a lot of focus on love. Whether it comes in the form of celebrating love, being in love, finding love, the common denominator is…love. While this is a beautiful concept that we often find ourselves indulging in (who doesn’t like getting flowers delivered at work and having any excuse to indulge in chocolate covered everything!?!), we also are aware of how emotionally and physically exhausted we can sometimes get especially considering everything that is going on in the world these days. We all need a little nudge in the right direction in order to truly understand the importance of advocating for more self-care, even in the smallest ways. So, Brit and I want to share with you six ways to make sure that you are loving yourself! Then, you can eat the chocolate (in moderation), we promise!

What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?

 Image: Haute Of The Rack

Image: Haute Of The Rack

Take Time For Yourself

Did you know that being alone doesn’t have to mean you’re lonely?

We tend to be a generation that is scared to spend time with ourselves which sometimes leads to us making bad decisions in everything from the people we allow in our lives, the people we allow BACK into our lives, and self-destructive behaviors (hello, drunk dials) just for the sake of not being “alone.”

There is no reason to feel guilty for stealing a little time for yourself each day and, while that may require you to say NO a little bit more, the additional time with no distractions will definitely give you a bit more perspective over your life decisions and the way you view yourself and others.

It’s really easy to continue to pour so much into other people and forget about yourself in the process. So, stop it - ok?

Eat Regularly

Brit and I just finished a major dietary shift this last month that included cutting out all meat, processed foods, dairy, salt and sugar. I am definitely not going to pretend that it was not challenging but the benefits after your body adapts were pretty darn awesome! Not only did it rid my body of toxins, but I had (and continue to have since I’ve continued to limit my intake of sugar, salt, processed foods, and dairy) increased energy as well as a increased mental focus.

Plus, with the way life is set up and all of the responsibilities we both carry, it is easy to forget to eat sometimes. But once we adopted a new way of looking at food that actually “fuels” your body, grazing became a way of life. I personally consume 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and 2 light snacks a day, while Brit is all about consuming 3 meals and 3 snacks a day.

Basically making sure that you treat your body as something you hold sacred can improve your daily interactions.

Image: CNKDaily

Drink Water

I know this goes without saying but you need to make sure you are consuming enough water on a daily basis. It is suggested that you take in eight ounces of water, eight times a day but how often do we really accomplish that goal? And we aren’t talking about sparkling water, no matter how we love it! Consuming enough water helps to increase your energy levels and helps to maintain proper brain function and that’s just the beginning.

Proper water consumption can lead to weight loss, and can help reduce the risk of certain health problems like cancer, kidney stones, and skin issues that result in acne. We suggest getting creative by investing in an app or creative water bottle that will motivate you to obey your thirst...the right way.

What are some ways that you make sure you are taking care of  yourself? What are some difficulties you have making it a part of your daily or weekly routine?

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