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Images: EmmelieDeLaCruz

Images: EmmelieDeLaCruz

July is here. W...T...F. It seems like just yesterday we were heading into 2017 and introducing you to our January Boss Chick. Now, as we get into the thick of the summer, we think it's important to highlight some of the women who have helped champion us in these first 6 months. One such woman for me, is branding/marketing maven Emmelie De La Cruz.

One thing we both love about our respective platforms is getting the opportunity to interact with people who have established voices in a certain area, because - let's face it - we don't know everything. And it's imperative, at whatever business stage you are in, to recognize when you need help and be open to receiving it from someone who makes it their job to help you better yourself.

Emmelie De La Cruz is a marketing professional who, after 2 layoffs from corporate marketing positions, has found her voice in slanging no-nonsense branding strategy to millennials who are looking to build. This sassy New York native (the title of her last email blast was "Fck all this motivation man…") makes it her business to help push potential into purpose with a dose of, often, tough love.

So, ready to kick off the summer with our July Boss Chick? Of course you are! Take a look at three reasons why Emmelie inspires us in the BOSSiest way possible.

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She's Paying It Forward

Emmelie graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University and has over 6 years of experience as a marketing automation specialist, working with clients in various industries including fashion, health and wellness, politics, education, book publishing and entertainment. Basically, she could probably be putting her experience and her own knack for learning to good use in a cushy corner office and collecting a phat (and consistant) paycheck. But, she's decided to live her best life outside of corporate and help us do the same.

With everything from weekly #MarketingMonday posts designed to help educate you for the FREE to a paid group coaching platform (Transparancy moment: I have actually been a member of Emmelie's group coaching collective since March of this year), Emmelie is making it her business to pour her knowledge into people who are eager to learn. She makes it clear, though, the application and implementation of the information she provides is entirely up to you. Basically, if you're not ready to do the work she's not going to hold your hand, but she will cash your check so - be ready before signing up for her services.

When you looking for answers around you, turn to find the answers within you.

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She Encourages Self-Sufficiency

One of the staples of being good at your business (and life in general) is understanding when you need help. Another staple? Understanding when the only way to success is through your own efforts. One reason I decided to give Emmelie my hard earned money is because she makes it very clear that your success, in whatever endeavor you're pursuing, is up to you. While she points tons of people in the right direction and utilizes her skills as a marketing professional to provide tools that make the journey a bit more organized, she's always very adament about one thing: self-sufficiency is the goal.

She's Doesn't Sugar-Coat Her Own Journey

In this age of Instagram moments, it's easy to see where someone is now without seeing the work it took to get there. While Emmelie makes it very clear that she is her own boss, she doesn't glamorize the journey or filter the hard work it took to get there. Once upon a time, much like us, Emmelie was a full-time corporate stunter making her side-hustle work for her. While it's easy to log onto the social platform of your choice and admire the shiny pictures and lives of those who seem to be on permanent vacation, it's so much more refreshing to find inspiration from a woman who admits to living in pajamas, putting herself on certain restrictions because she didn't make her income goal that month, and pulling all-night work sessions because, as her own boss, she can.

Be sure you keep up with Emmelie and her no-nonsense self by checking out the links below.

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Instagram: EmmelieDeLaCruz

Twitter: @emmeliedelacruz