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 Images: Cosign

Images: Cosign

Here in Dallas where we live, it’s not too hard to find a good workout. Everything from cycling to bootcamps are readily available but, the one thing we don’t have (at least I’ve never been) is yoga of the TRILL variety. Lucky for us, the folks at Cosign Magazine were celebrating their anniversary with a weekend full of events and they happened to bring the trill to us.

Claire Fountain, instructor and founder of Trill Yoga, came to make us WERK here in Dallas. Last Saturday, Britt and I arrived at IQ Haus ready for a cool experience. What we didn’t realize was just how intense the hour long session with Claire would be. After the workout, we were treated to refreshing H2O provided by EarthWater and awesome gift bags courtesy of event sponsor Reebok.

Get a taste of our Trill Yoga experience by checking out 4 of our biggest takeaways below.

1. Claire is INTENSE and we weren’t ready.

When Britt and I entered the building, we both were pretty confident in our ability to hit a swift vinyasa and downward dog combo. BUT, after the warm up with Claire we were both looking at each other like, "uh oh!" Claire utilized heavy breaths and repitition along with at least 2 poses neither of us had tried before. Basically, we got our sweat on and felt pretty light headed - in the trillest way possible, of course.

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3. Reebok had all the Yoga swag for the ladies.

Since Claire was instructing, obviously she got first dibs on crop tops like this and leggings like this. BUT, there was plenty there for those of us in attendance. Brit and I were lucky enough to walk away with swag bags that consisted of these leggings and an awesome tank top. I was able to answer a trivia question right and even won a blanket! WIN! Now, if only we could cop one of those yoga mats...

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Want more? Head on over to FitXBrit.com via the link below to peep 2 more reasons we’re grateful for our Trill Yoga/Cosign Experience!

Have you experienced Trill Yoga? Let us know in the comments below.

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