Sources: @adidaswomen @nikewomen @reebokwomen

Sources: @adidaswomen @nikewomen @reebokwomen

Words by: Sierra Santal

The past year has been filled with numerous campaigns from our favorite brands and there has been a reoccurring theme. These campaigns are communicating #Chickspiration on a whole new level, which we can’t get enough of. The faces of these campaigns? Beauties such as Cara Delevinge for Puma, Karlie Kloss for adidas, and the Hadid sisters - Gigi is tied to Reebok and Bella just made her debut with Nike. The issue at hand? How do we relate to these women whose bodies seem to lack imperfections? I think that so often the first immediate thought is ‘Well of course she’s on top of the world, she has a ton of money and the word cellulite is foreign to her’

Well, the money thing is probably true. However, that’s due to their hard work and hustle, so don't knock it. And, that cellulite concept is absolutely inaccurate. Every woman has cellulite - even Gigi Hadid. So, we’ll clear that myth up right now. These females are supposed to be the face for all of us. But how can someone who has access to every personal trainer, makeup artists that ensure a beat that came from Jesus himself, and hair stylists who accomplish in 15 minutes what takes us three hours be the face for all of us? I don’t have these tools, I pray for them on the daily, but I don’t have them ...yet. Currently praying as I write.

The truth is that we relate by tearing down all comparison and understanding the over-reaching message for a number of these campaigns. The thread that binds us all together is being a woman. And that’s our power. I believe that it’s our job as women to take the importance off of the physical and understand that the message that these chicks are conveying is also about the inside. The concept of being warrior, and the endless strength that it takes to JUST DO LIFE comes 100 percent from within. So frequently this concept of letting go of the physical gets addressed and then people take it to the extreme.

There is a middle ground (whoaaaaaaaaaa, crazy concept I know) The truth is that your physical appearance isn't going to mean much if the inside isn’t right. And these ladies utilize fitness to transform their insides. Literally and metaphorically. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Reebok are using their presence in combination with their gorgeous faces to get that message across. Taking up an active lifestyle has the capacity to change your life. Will you become a super model? Probably not. But that’s O.K. because that’s not your journey. You’re still beautiful. You’re not chasing the bodies that these ladies have you’re chasing your power, potential, and strength and that’s what it’s about. Not to mention, these women want to be known for more than what you’re seeing. The entirety of their careers are based on how they look. Wouldn’t you want to be known for more than just your face? This gives them that opportunity. They want to be able to relate to us just as badly as we want to relate to them.

So yes, the makeup is perfect, there is probably Photoshop involved, their waists are smaller than mine, their vitamin enriched hair hangs healthier than mine, but covering every comparison reaps no benefits. What do we have in common? We’re women, and our strength has no limits.

 Source: @pumawomen

Source: @pumawomen

"You’re not chasing the bodies that these ladies have you’re chasing your power, potential, and strength and that’s what it’s about."

So, are these are these models the enemy? No. That's why it helps that many of these campaigns feature a slew of women who we can readily identify with. Ronda Rousey regularly kicks butt with Reebok, a little tennis player by the name of Serena Williams is a mainstay in Nike campaigns, and we're still dancing circles in Under Armour with Misty Copeland.

Physical beauty will most likely be on a societal pedestal forever. As humans, we like beautiful things. However it’s the concept of understanding that there’s so much more to a human than their looks. That’s just the packaging. The reason that a lot of these women have been chosen to be the face of these campaigns is their ability to embrace themselves relentlessly and people love working with them. So many careers (model and otherwise) burn out quickly because they lack basic kindness and relatability. Loving ourselves unconditionally and owning ‘us’ is the biggest gift we can give ourselves as women. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, brown, purple, yellow, blue, green, 115 pounds or 250, embrace you because that’s your power.

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