Name: Alex ReidLocation: Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Singer, Songwriter Kicks: Jordan SC-1 - Men's Width - D - Medium


Singer/songwriter Alex Reid is one chick that's full of surprises. Aside from her gig as a songwriter for some of your favorite artists (she's contributed to a number of hits in the Sony ATV catalog) and a model (you might recognize her from her stints as the face of ROCAWEAR, Tommy Hilfiger, JC Penney, Heineken, Macy's, Dillards, Nautica and Gatorade), Alex is also - get this - a former basketball player (an ACL injury sidelined her for good) who has quite the affinity for those Rock Chalk Jayhawks.

We chopped it up with the Los Angeles-based beauty about her career, her fashion sense, and her love for sneaks..and snapbacks.

CL: Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to music.

AR: I was born in Lawrence, Kansas and raised in Plano, Texas. Since I can remember, I've dreamt of making it in music. According to my parents, I memorized every song lyric from my favorite Disney movie before I could even speak in full sentences, so apparently they knew I was musically inclined. My family was so proactive in fighting for opportunities for me, and instilling me with confidence, that I always had my eye on success, and truly believed I could do it. I wrote my first song at age 6 and never stopped. (Here's to hoping they got better over time! haha!)

CL: Obviously you wear a number of hats. Singer, songwriter, executive producer, etc. How do your different roles contribute to your personal style?

AR: WHY did I just read that like you were literally talking about hats!? hahaa I was like... SURE DO! and strictly snaps. :)

As an artist, songwriter, and executive producer, I like to build a record from the ground up and oversee every aspect of it from the inception of the idea through the final master. That's because I'm very opinionated and protective of my brand, so from the lyrics I write, to the beats I use, to the clothes I wear, I need it to be 100 percent authentic to who I am. I can best describe my personal style as bossy because I let it define it's self without trying to put it in a box, or give it a name. I do the same thing with my music.

If I'm feeling girly, I'm going to express myself that way. If I'm feeling tough, I'm gonna express that too. I'll go from an ultra girly vintage betsey johnson dress with a corset bodice and tutu skirt to some mens XXL sweatpants and a bomber, and still be Alex Reid through and through. The most important thing is that I'm wearing the clothes, and not letting them wear me.

CL: The inspiration behind your project, Letters To My Ex, could be pretty self explanatory, lol. But tell us how the idea for the EP evolved.

AR: I was in a position where I was no longer speaking to an ex, but I had SO many things I wanted to say. As somewhat of a form of therapy, I started writing those sentiments down in emails that I knew I would never send. At some point, the line, "I've been seeing my ex when I close my eyes" came to me with a melody, and the sentiments evolved into lyrics. It became my new therapy to write this body of work. The songs came from those moments when you just want to give in, and pick up the phone. I said exactly what I wanted to say to that person without making that call... and something tells me they heard it anyway! ;) BET.

CL: What should fans of your music look forward to in the coming months?

AR: My creativity has been in overdrive lately! I've been staying up till 6 a.m writing 2 and 3 songs a night. I'm working on a new E.P for the spring, and am having the best time with it. I'm taking the beats a little edgier, and putting even more of my personality on the track. It's gonna be a "take it or leave it" type record... young, fresh, and bold... Music that doesn't take it's self too seriously.

CL: Obviously, we love kicks. What are some of your favorite ways to rock your sneaks?

AR: See, that's the amazing thing about sneaks... they are so versatile and can make a statement with just about any ensemble. My all time favorite look is probably an oversized vintage sweatshirt, white knee high tube socks, and high top Jordans that are half a size too big. (Yeah I meant that lol... Makes your legs look more toned, and it's bossy and bratty looking.)

My runner up would have to be the pairing of a short dress with all black high top Dunks.

CL: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

AR: Hearing from yall not only makes my day, but it also drives me to keep pushing and chasing that ultimate success. Impacting even one person with my music is the most meaningful thing to me, and I am beyond thankful, humbled, and blessed to have the support I do from all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please email me anything at I read everything! <3





Take a listen to Alex's latest solo project, Letters To My Ex, below and make sure to keep your ears open for her new EP (Chik Muzik) due out for release in March.

Props: WMS Photography, Makeup by Jamie Dionne, Alex Reid.