Name: Stephanie “Eleven8” OgboguAge: 28 Location: Atlanta, GA by way of Austin, TX Occupation: Blogger / Marketing & PR Rep Kicks: Air Jordan Son of Mars GS "Bordeaux" Website/Contact: ||

Stephanie "Eleven8" Ogbogu is one of those rare women. She has literally worked her way into an industry that chews up women and spits them out for breakfast with unbridled honesty and good ol' fashioned work ethic.

As the internet voice for such entertainment big-wigs as DJ Green Lantern, DJ Smallz, Ozone Magazine and BallerAlert, Stephanie stays busy bringing us the latest info and some of the most scandalous posts, BUT it's her no-holds-barred knack for honest commentary (and downright HILARIOUS opinions on everything from new music to everyday life crap) that have made her a rather sought after personality.

Check out our interview with this rising fire-starter as she gives us the skinny on her Ballerific life, a prospective TV show and the reason why she doesn't buy into shoe hype.

CL: Talk to us a bit about how you began in this industry and how your role with materialized.

SO: I got my start in the industry back in 2005. I was on Myspace one day and saw a guy from my hometown who had tons of photos with celebrities. As a kid I always aspired to be in the entertainment industry somehow but thought that couldn’t happen unless you lived in Hollywood or something. I sent him a Myspace message and he told me that he had a DVD Magazine and interviewed celebrities. I asked if I could intern for him and learn the ropes and the rest is history!

As far as Baller Alert, it was sometime in 2010 when I responded to a tweet from the website’s owner saying she was looking for bloggers. At the time I had been blogging for Ozone Magazine and DJ Smallz and was looking for another way to express myself. Needless to say that I had no idea that Baller Alert would become something as important to me as it is now. It’s literally done so much for my career in the craziest ways. I’ve grown so much with Robin and the Baller Alert brand. I’ll probably blog there for the rest of my life! Haha!

CL: Obviously your personal brand is growing along with the brands you associate with. How do your different roles contribute to your personal style?

SO: Luckily, the brands I associate with allow me to be myself 100%. I’m allowed to be as straight forward, humorous and no nonsense as I am normally so it’s allowed to me to reach a broader range of people that I wouldn’t normally have access to. It all works out to my benefit because now I can contribute to these brands and at the same time, they put me in places and situations I wouldn’t be in had I not had their name attached to me.

CL: Anyone who has been around you or follows you via Twittah knows just how opinionated you are. How has your personality helped shape your brand?

SO: Believe it or not, it works for me. I guess because it’s true to me, not some fake persona that I put on. More people are inclined to work with me because they know how serious I am about what I do and how passionate I am about people and things I care about. Those on Twitter can pretty much tell right away if they are going to love or hate Eleven8. For those that love Eleven8, she loves you back. For those who hate Eleven8, I hope you slip and fall in Walmart ☺

CL: The appearances on Anderson Cooper and 30 for 30 were highlights of 2012. What can we expect from Eleven8 in 2013?

SO: Eleven8 wants to do radio and/or become a television personality in 2013. This has been something I’ve always wanted to do and I think the ESPN and Anderson Cooper appearances were a good step in the right direction. Next, I want to do something all about me. Take that back, I WILL do something all about me. Yeah, that’s more like it!

CL: You know I love kicks and I know you’re just as big of a sneaker head. What are your two favorite pairs, new and old?

SO: I tend to love the kicks the hypebeasts don’t really talk about. I’m a fan of so many different brands but so far I have 2 in my collection that are my babies – My Ewing 33 Hi’s and my denim Jeremy Scott Wings. They are attention grabbers, much like myself and I don’t have to camp out in long lines and spend an extra $200 on eBay to have them.

CL: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

SO: I’m much more than you see on the blogs, Twitter or TV! With that said, check out, follow me @eleven8 on all social networks and catch me on TV whenever I appear. Also, much love to Chan for this interview and WMS Photography for my awesome pics! Thanks!









Wanna catch Stephanie on ESPN Presents: 30 For 30 - "Broke"? Click the LINK!

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