Name: Kari MichelleAge: 22 Location: Los Angeles Occupation: Model/Assistant Designer Kicks Shown: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops "Art Is Free Expression” Edition Website/Contact: Twitter - @AceBoonCalhoun

With the body of a goddess, the face of a 20-something beauty and eyes that could even melt Omarion's famed "Ice Box," 22-year old model Kari Michelle is, without question, one of the most enigmatic people I've ever interviewed. While you may take one look at Kari's images (there literally wasn't one bad picture in the bunch) and immediately create your own assumptions, she still mystifies and makes us all want to get to know more about the auburn-haired Texas gal.

After attending college in Iowa on a full track scholarship and receiving a degree in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production, the statuesque stunner (she's 5'9") tried her hand at modeling...and won. After touring Europe and moving to Los Angeles, Kari signed with CESD Talent and is now becoming a model you'll want to remember. She has no plans of stopping there, either - she did study at the London School of Fashion, after all. See? Totally an enigma.

Get to know Kari below and be sure to check her out in all of her Chuck Taylor glory.

CL: You’re absolutely stunning in your pictures, but I’m pretty sure most people don’t know you were actually a track star. Tell us a bit about your background and how you started modeling.

KC: Back in Texas, I had no way of going to college financially so I ran my ass off. Although athletics are/will forever be a large part of my life I had to exercise my other talents in life. I always got that I “should be a model” so after my college track days, with my degree obtained as backup, I decided to give the modeling a go. I surprisingly turned out be much more successful at it than I would have ever thought. Having the industry connects I am making now will greatly help my ultimate dream of having my own line later in life.

CL: You seem to have a very eclectic sense of style. How would you describe how your personality reflects in your everyday attire?

KC: I have a very strong personality thus my attire is strong as well. You get what you see. I am bold, loud, and daring much like almost any piece you can find in my closet. I actually struggle to find a piece that is plain!

CL: Obviously as a model, you don’t always get a say in what you wear. How do you make even something that isn’t your style your own?

KC: You have to be able to throw a spin on anything. Wearing an overstated accessory or funky pair of shoes is normally how I complete a look.

CL: Before moving to LA you jaunted around Europe, correct? How did that change your fashion perspective?

KC: The real question is what perspective didn’t Europe change! London, where I studied, is a very eclectic melting pot of cultures and lifestyles so I really learned to incorporate/not be afraid to try other cultures' style of dress. Also, it showed me that fashion could be anything. It doesn’t matter if an item is “in” or not. Wear what you feel represents from the outside things that you find beautiful.

CL: What’s been the most massive change in your life since moving to Los Angeles and signing with an agency?

KC: Most massive was living abroad. My entire world view changed and exposed me to things that have brought me full circle to be the woman I am today. I feel more prepared from that experience mentally to do things such as model and live in LA.

CL: Obviously, we love kicks. What are some of your favorite ways to rock your sneaks?

KC: I love a cut off graphic sweatshirt and some high waist bottoms, then a hat or funky scarf.








Photo Props: Chris Thompson of ChrispImages
Editing Props: Jason Sanders of WMS Photography