So, about the ultra-hyped first pair of shoes set to appear from Kanye West's bright and shiny deal with Adidas - yes, they are actually happening. After the September announcement following his initial signing came whispers of a June 2014 release. After June came and went without so much as a Yeezy view, we all knew it would be some time before we got a glimpse at Adidas' marquee original. Add all the hype surrounding Rita Ora's signature line and it was pretty much understood that Kanye's kicks were still in ultra-secret workup mode.

Now, Kanye is making announcements and he's promising us all another fall release, November to be exact, for the long-awaited “adidas Yeezy 3.” The news came during ‘Ye’s most recent stage speech at a show in Perth, Australia for the international leg of his Yeezus tour.

“We got the Yeezy 3 coming in November and this is just beginning. This is something I want to create and do the rest of my life. A new beginning. A new story, a new chapter — new laughter.”

A November release is right on time to capture your holiday shopping money so, you know, get ready for mayhem. Begin watching below at the 2:50 mark to hear Kanye make his big announcement.

Props: TSS