"There isn’t just one place where I find inspiration. I am inspired by so many things… countries I travel to, women I meet in-store or even on the street, fashion, art, music, the beach… I do find that I am most inspired when I have a moment to myself. Sometimes, my best ideas for a product will come after a long walk or workout." For those of us who grew up with our noses in '90s-era Seventeen magazine, Bobbi Brown needs no introduction. If I'm being honest, the level of fangirl moments I've had might be pretty darn embarrassing to admit now that I'm a grown woman. So, when we found out that Bobbi has her fair share of kicks? Well, the fandom went up a notch.

The folks at The Coveteur seem to echo my sentiments because they profiled the legendary makeup guru who is one of the pioneers in beauty empowerment. Now, via Yahoo Beauty, Bobbi continues empowering women in a world that seems to encourage insecurities. She tell Coveteur:

“I built my brand on empowering women to celebrate their natural beauty and be their best, most confident selves,” she told us. “I have worked with actresses, models, and celebrities my entire career and have learned that they share all the same beauty concerns that everyday women have. So shedding light on those issues that nobody talks about is important to me. I will talk about them and tell you the truth."

A fangirl moment is happening right now.

Check out our favorite snaps from Bobbi's shoot and be sure to see more via The Coveteur.

Bobbi_Brown-42 Bobbi in Ash "Joe" Platform Sneaker