I love when I stumble upon something awesome simply because I made a mistake in my Google search. Well, that's what happened tonight and VOILA! Hello Wup66! Wup's page on redbubble.com (RedBubble is like Etsy with a little less frenzy) is comprised of cute cartoonish images that transfer to fun stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases and posters, but the real find here? The pillows.

Some of our favorite silhouettes (read: Nike Dunks and the Nike Air Yeezy "Red October") make cameos on plush pillows that make for a perfect accent in any kick-loving home.



Each pillow comes in three square sizes (16", 18", 20"), boasts a concealed zipper for aesthetic appeal, is made of 100% Polyester Poplin Fabric and can be purchased alone or with the Polyester insert.



At only $19.94 USD for the cover and just $27.04 USD for the cover + insert, this is quite a reasonable way to add some flare to your space. I'll definitely be picking up the Yeezy Boost pillow up top.