Spilled, a Seattle-based design house, tries its hand at catering to both sneaker lovers and home decor fans everywhere with the release of their limited edition "Sneaker Grail" rug featuring a variety of recognizable silhouettes. While "Sneaker Grail" might be a bit of reach on this one (some of these picks could definitely be swapped for more note-worthy releases) the overall sentiment is the same: you like sneakers a lot. Here you go.

Nike’s, Puma’s, adidas Originals and, of course, JB's all have a place on the plush rug which is available in two sizes, a “closet size” 2′ x 3′, retailing for $99 USD in a limited run of 100, and a bigger 4′ x 6′ size, for $249 USD in a limited run of 50. Each of the rugs are individually numbered, stain-resistant with a No-Slip vinyl backing and made in the USA.


Check out more over at Spilled.