Photo: Desi Dollas Instagram How cool would it be to sport your favorite Air Maxes on your feet and in your pierced (since 9 months, POW!) ears? For me, the answer is most definitely. That said, I'm not here for the fakey fake and aside from the watches, rubber wrist bands, and those good ol' Nike Fuel bands, I've never seen a legit Nike jewelry push. That is, until I stumbled upon some interesting word play courtesy of one of CNKDaily's favorite sneaker-loving chicks.


Without going into detail about my fear of Nike costume jewelry, I'll just say that when I saw the above post I blinked rapidly and immediately made a beeline to my nearest Alas, this may be a plug or some inside info because I've found nothing in the way of a search for any new official Nike gems, however, I'm patiently keeping my eyes open and my Instagram scroll game tight.

Through my research thus far, it seems Nike LA may have the first move on this here (seemingly) super secret Air Max earring situation. While Desi (above) seems to have that prototype, a quick (read: 3) Google search pops up a pretty similar collection thanks to Nike Women Los Angeles and MissMeWinda's Poshmark $150.00 markup.



That Air Max earring looks mighty similar, don't cha think?

Nonetheless, nothing (read: NOTHING) is official until you hear the Nike News whistle sound, but to my Chicks who might be interested in some ear candy - this is a definite e-find.

We'll keep you up-to-date as we get more info.