We love teaming up with like minded ladies so, it was only a matter of time before #ChicksNKicks met #FitXBrit!

Every week, 'Fit Chicks' will highlight attire, tips, and (of course!) sneakers that make it perfect for you to get your sweat on in style. We’ll also hip you to some of our favorite weekend hang sessions and interactions with like-minded ladies because, we love showing love!

Feeling the concept? Read on...

This past Friday, myself and Brittany over at FitXBrit were invited to Centre (a sneaker style boutique shop in Dallas, Texas) for an event dubbed ‘Eat Like Mike’ presented by the folks at Centre and Living 29’s Caodan Tran, personal chef extraordinaire. The event set the stage for the release of the Air Jordan Retro High OG 1 “UNC,” which hit stores to much fanfare on Saturday.

Caodan crafted a perfect combo (Jordans + Wheaties + Gatorade = HELLO!?!) with her Lemon Lime Gatorade Mangonada Slushy and a Wheaties and Date-filled protein bar, which were available for purchase. That purchase bought us two chances to win a raffle for an advance purchase of the UNC’s or a steak dinner for two prepared by Ms. Tran’s magical hands. This was dope because it actually got people in the door and you actually wanted to stay til the end to see if you won! Even though I wasn't a lucky winner (let's just say I TECHNICALLY won, but a size 13 was all they had left - what am I gonna do with that!?!) I totally had a blast! My favorite part? Meeting Caodan, FINALLY! The lady with the Instagram page of dreams has been on my radar since Brittany hipped me to her fun foods and obvious love of sneakers.

She's a certified winner in my book.

It is definitely in your best interest to hit that follow button on instagram when you see LIVING29 and stay updated on all of the pop ups she does around the city! Dallas coming up, y'all!