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Customize Your Nike Air Huarache Run On NIKEiD

I've always been kind of iffy about the custom kick arena that is, until I spotted a few custom Nike Air Max Bo Jackson sneaks. Unfortunetly, I arrived a bit too late to the Bo NIKEiD custom party, but I won't be missing my shot with yet another favorite Nike silhouette as the Swoosh family adds the Nike Air Huarache Run to the NIKEiD roster. After its introduction in 1991, the Air Huarache Run had quite the successful comeback in 2014 and as 2015 gets underway, Nike ensures that the Huarache will be on everyone's pick-up list this year as well. I went ahead and got started with my custom pair, which you can peep below.




A wide array of uppers (including synthetic leather and mesh) are available via NIKEiD, while outsoles stick to two solid options. Safari print (I've included white safari on my pair) adds an extra level of pizzazz to the overall design as the iD platform allows you to customize everything from the signature heel strap to the tongue and laces.

Get started on your own custom pair now over at NIKEiD and enjoy a pair all your own (literally) for $140.