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#DVAM2014 | Russell Wilson Invites You To "Pass The Peace"

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson and his Why Not You Foundation have created a new initiative called Pass the Peace, which aims to raise awareness and support victims of domestic violence. The idea behind the initiative is simple: create a video announcing that you’re participating in Pass the Peace by showing the peace sign. Make your donation of $2 to the Hotline, and then Pass the Peace to two (or more!) of your friends. Be sure to share on your social networks using #WNYPassthePeace. Just text WNYPASSTHEPEACE to 41444 to make your pledge, or you can donate online!

Despite the facts and its prevalence in our society (1 in 4 women will experience DV in her lifetime – Safe Horizon) most cases of domestic abuse are never reported to law enforcement officials.  Throughout October we’ll not only be providing daily facts to better inform you about DV, but we’ll also introduce you to some pretty fly #ChicksNKicks who laced up to spread the word right along with us.


Join us to help change the facts and make a difference for victims of domestic violence.

What can you do now?

• Donate

• Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, to view and share our #ChicksForChange actions for the month of October.

• Rock out in purple, shawty! Purple is the color of Domestic Violence Awareness Month!  During the month of October, use your flair for fashion (or the purple pieces in your closet) as  a way to #SpreadThePurple. Be sure to mention our social media profiles or use the hashtags, #ChicksForChange #SpreadThePurple, to make certain we see you in these e-streets!

• Buy beauty! Grab a beauty find (or 6) from #CNK beauty Crissy Henderson’s online shop!  This month you’ll receive $5.00 her Willow Grace Beauty Lip Plump using the promo code ‘VOICEUP’.  

• Change your profile!  Our friends at CalVCP have brought amazing images for you to spread the word!  Change your Facebook Cover Photo, swap out your Twitter Header, spread the word with a profile photo, or simply share a fact. It’s up to you!

• Hashtag Away! #DVAM2014 #ChicksNKicks #ChicksForChange #SpreadThePurple . Got em? Good!