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Chicks N' Kicks: Jade Alston | Adidas Superstar 2.0

su·per·star (spr-stär)n. 1. A widely acclaimed star, as in movies or sports, who has great popular appeal. 2. One that is extremely popular or prominent or that is a major attraction.

The definition of a superstar is pretty self-explanitory. We're constantly bombarded with images, videos and stories about those folks who just tend to have a certain sense of "popular appeal." So, it's quite fitting that Jade Alston opted to wear a pair of shoes that are called, you guessed it...Superstars. You may or may not be familiar with singer/songwriter Jade Alston, but you will be. The Philly-bred beauty is far more than a pretty face and a pair of to-die-for legs, she's also ridiculously talented on both the mic and with a pen.

After honing her writing skills with the likes of Grammy recognized hit-makers Claude Kelly, Chuck Harmony & Jon Jon Traxx and releasing two mixtapes (Single On A Saturday Night and it's follow-up Sunday Morning: Single On A Saturday Night, Pt. 2), Jade has captured the attention of the music world in more ways than one.

But, music isn't her only passion. This year she's using her own experiences as an artist to help others just like her as she launches her non-profit initiative The {Art}ist Label. The {Art}ist Label is an art-focused parent brand to several ventures that support The {Art}ist Label Inititiative. The {Art}ist Label Inititative is an effort to support art education among young people and to show the possibilities for careers in the arts. Jade's message to the youth is to “own your art.” The fashion forward singer is also tapping into her enthusiasm for other forms of art by working as a brand ambassador and designer for several up-and-coming fashion labels.

Whew! She's a busy gal. While Jade's star is yet to reach it's highest point, it's only a matter of time before this starlet is seeing her name in more lights than we can imagine, because, even in our brief conversation with her - it's clear this gal has a clear case of star appeal.

Take a look below as we talk Philly sound, peer comparisons and one killer fashion sense.

Name: Jade Alston Location: Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Indie Pop/Soul Recording Artist & Songwriter Kicks Shown: Adidas Superstar 2.0 (White and Blue)/Adidas Original High - Vanity (Black and White) Website/Contact:

CL: Tell us a bit about how your background and how growing up in Philadelphia influenced your musical inclination. JA: Philly is so honest, so real. I think that’s why my music is that way. There’s something about the air here that forces you to be that way.

CL: There have been a number of prominent musicians that have come out of your hometown of Philly, PA. How would you say you differentiate from the likes of Jill Scott, The Roots and even new acts like Meek Mill?

JA: I’d say I’m a good blend of the “earthy” soul movement that started here, mixed with the new stuff that’s going on with hip-hop here. Like Kanye said, I got the Benz and the backpack. lol

CL: Would you say your perspective makes you a bit more relatable to your listeners than some of your female peers? JA: I wouldn’t compare myself to my peers. One of my main goals is independence. But I would say “relatability” is something I strive for when I write. You can make your own comparisons though. [Laughs]

CL: Speaking of other artists, - you’ve been dubbed “a combination of Toni Braxton and Aaliyah.” Do you agree with the comparisons?

JA: Ok, Ok, If I HAD to compare myself, then yeah I’d say those two are huge influences, among others. I can’t deny my warm, sultry voice. I didn’t choose it, it chose me, lol. And people do often say that my personality/vibe remind them of that homegirl thing Aaliyah had.

CL: Anyone who has heard your debut project, Single On A Saturday Night, can pretty much get the gist of the EP. Talk to us about it’s sister record, Sunday Morning: Single On A Saturday Night, Pt. 2. Do you think it gives listeners a better understanding of the sound we can expect from you?

JA: The second project definitely goes a little deeper into my sound but still not fully what I have in mind for my album. But it’s all about progression & I think this one is definitely a step up from the first one.

CL: I’ve got to say that I absolutely LOVE the Brownstone sample you used in “If I Was Your Girl” and I dig the high-energy we hear in “”Guessing Games.” How did those particular records come about?

JA: Both started with the beats from the production team, The Rose Bros. I honestly wasn’t sold on the “if I was your girl” beat right away. It took a couple hours to catch a vibe for melodies. Then the concept just came to me. Guessing Games was a little easier. They play the rough version of the beat & I immediately started singing melodies. It just felt really great, almost instantly.

CL: After the video for “Searching” you were definitely on our fashion radar. How would you describe your personal style?

JA: It’s always changing. But no matter what, my personal style always has some sort of homegirl element because that’s who I am.

CL: What should fans of your music look forward to in the coming months?

AR: Videos, new projects, more fashion evolution, collaborations, etc…We kinda shut down for a while to really revamp things. I’m excited to get things rolling again.

CL: Obviously, we love kicks. What are some of your favorite ways to rock your sneaks?

JA: If I’m wearing sneakers then I love to be sexy & show my legs in short shorts or skirts or something like that. I like to add a feminine edge.

CL: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

JA: Stay tuned for what’s next. I’m pretty excited about what we have up our sleeves!









We figured you might want to see this songstress in action so, take a look below as Jade performs her OWN rendition (complete with guitar) of Drake's new joint, "Girls Love Beyonce."

Photo Props: Jasmine Alston Graphic Props: Jason Sanders of WMS Photography/Media Additional Nods: Melissa Patterson, Jade Alston, Power 105.1FM