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#ChicksNKicks SNEAK Peek: Behind The Scenes w/ Professional Golfer Maggie Noël

Purdy lady? Check. Talented chica? Check. Awesome kicks? Double check. Tiger, Tiger Woods, ya'll? Yuuuup. Meet Maggie Noël: purdy lady, talented chica, kick fiend, and professional golfer. Maggie, who has been golfing since she was a youngin', was kind enough to grace our Chicks N Kicks screen as we joined her on the green.

This video acts as a sneak peek to our FULL FEATURE on Maggie which will hit the screen on November 20, 2013. Until then, get acquainted with this gorgeous golfer in this BTS clip.

Video and Editing: Jason Sanders of WMS Media Special Thanks to: Maggie Noël and Top Golf Dallas