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In the latest installment of 'Corporate Jack Moves', retail giant Forever 21 seems to be caught red handed with some downright thievery.  Emily Oberg, who founded lifestyle brand Sporty & Rich, called out the big boys when she posted a damn near identical Forever 21 sweatshirt on her Instagram.  While the sweatshirt in question (ironically similar - right down to the typefont) bears the words, “Smart & Pretty,” Oberg appears to be the latest victim in a string of plagiarizing wars which include artist Tuesday Bassen, whose fun-loving pin designs got certified jack moved by Zara.

When @forever21 copies you ❤️

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She told Fashionista her Sporty & Rich brand would not take legal action against Forever 21 citing:

“My true followers would never buy the fake version and they’ll always be the first ones to show me who is copying and call them out for me,” says Oberg. “If [Sporty & Rich] stopped selling out and I started to see the fake designs everywhere, then maybe I’d be worried, but my business is doing just fine.”

What are your thoughts on retail plagiarism and what should be done to protect indy designers?

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