Rihanna knows how to make things happen. It was only nine days ago that the pop artist and creative director of Puma’s women’s division announced that she planned to show her next collection for the German sportswear giant in Paris -- and show it she did, in an intimate, chandelier-crowned venue in the heart of the city that was was simultaneously video-cast on Jay Z’s music-streaming site, Tidal.

Rihanna is seriously making Puma a high-fashion brand. And she's doing it hella quick.  Just ten days ago, the pop star and Puma Women's Creative Director formally announced her showing with the sportswear giant in Paris.  She showed out.

Yesterday, at an intimate venue in the heart of Paris, Rihanna showcased her latest high fashion collection for the German brand and it was all video-casted live on Tidal. How's that for pressure?   Inspired by the concept of “Marie Antoinette at the gym,” Rihanna added an overtly feminine touch to streetwear staples like hoodies, track bottoms and sneakers, rendered in a scheme of ivory, pink, nude and ivy green. Floral prints, decadent satin and touches of lace on both the women’s and men’s looks amped the stark contrast between this showing and her recently released Season 1 Collection.  Elaborate is the only term fitting for Rih's new line. With bows and lace chokers, Rihanna's insistence on bringing the du-rag to couture, and fits that look like they'd wrinkle at the sight of a chair, as beautiful as they are, they didn’t look particularly easy to pull off.  I guess that's the point, though.  Few, but Rihanna, can really pull off any of her looks.

But the clothes matter only a little. According to Fashionista,  like Kanye West, Rihanna is better at moving footwear than clothes, and that’s where Puma will see an impact on its bottom line: 

The company said that Rihanna’s designs were responsible for helping it reach nearly $2 billion in sales in the first half of the year. Strangely, the shoes were difficult to spot in the live-stream, though a pair of supersize platform sneakers looked particularly promising.

So, I guess that means we've definitely seen the return of the sneaker heel? *Insert Shudder*

At the end of the show, Rihanna appeared in a pink floor-length design, eagerly (and probably strategically) waving a fan that read “Puma." If one was in need of further proof that Rihanna is bringing Puma to the big stage, that was it.

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