Images: ADIDAS

Images: ADIDAS

The three stripes has teamed up with powerhouse ladies' platform Refinery 29 to host a dope silent auction that screams #Chickspiration. The creative minds behind this marketing campaign have really put something special together for women, by women. A group of talented ladies across the nation have created custom Ultra Boost X silhouettes to represent all 50 states. From Fashion Illustrators to Graffiti Artists, there is a plethora of inspiration and diversity.

"It's not about competing with each other, but lifting each other up and celebrating the diversity of this country,”                                        

                                                                                      - Fashion Illustrator, Meagan Morrison

The project has a unique and brillant way of celebrating beauty within our nation while empowering women to create and uplift each other. All silent auction proceeds go to Women Win which is an organization that motivates and empowers teenage girls to develop leadership skills and exercise their rights through sports programs. This isn't the first time adidas has partnered on an inspirational initiative with Women Win . They previously worked with their Wanderlust platform to emphasize the importance of creating mantras.

Each artist has created these custom sneakers that depict the culture embracing each state. Whether it be landscapes or state birds, these Ultra Boost X creations are a one of one. You can check out all the state sneakers HERE.

If you would like to participate, today is the last day to bid. Click on your favorite iteration and enter all your information (along with bid amount) for a chance to win your shoe. If you prefer not to bid, but would like to contribute, you can still DONATE .

Here at CNK Daily we have deep roots in different areas of the U.S. and we were definitely feelin' what these ladies did in the lab on our hometown stomping grounds. Let us know what you think and if you agree that this amazing initiative is not only a great way to pay it forward, but also sprinkle some GIRL POWER everywhere.

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