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Happy Monday everyone! I don't know about you guys but, I'm not a fan of having to pack 20 bags for a weekend trip. Obviously I'm overexaggerating with the number but, you feel me - right? Usually my travel essentials consists of a bag for clothes, toiletries, and hair products - because, duh - and one small bag for shoes along with my trusty backpack. TOO MUCH, basically. So, on my most recent 24 hour trip to Houston (after this H-Town adventure, can you blame me!?!), I tried to make it a point to limit myself to ONE weekender bag and a backpack for my computer, cords, note pad, etc. Thankfully, the folks at Adidas Women were kind enough to send me a few pieces that EASILY paired with multiple style options and an Ultra Boost that I could wear with EVERYTHING.

While I was only in Houston for a podcast interview and to help snap some pics with our Managing Editor for her adidas Falcon Sneaker Diary, we managed to find a cute little spot in Downtown Houston for a mini Sunday Funday.

One thing I try to do, especially with active wear, is pair it with items that are more of my everyday. While there is a certain desire to wear athletic apparel all over (catch me at the grocery store looking like I just ran a 5K, OK!?!), you can also get creative with your athletic pieces in order to get the most bang for your buck. You know we love us some versatility.

I opted to pair these incredibly comfortable Adidas Womens Training Believe This 7/8 Tights with my favorite jean jacket and a simple striped long sleeve cotton shirt from H&M. I wore the Adidas Womens Don't Rest Alphaskin Sport Heathered Bra underneath for some extra support AND because in Houston the weather can go from 50 degrees to 97 in one afternoon. If I needed to swap out my longsleeve for a sports bra/jean jacket look, I wanted the option.

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As for my sneaks - not going to lie, I was totally trying not to get them dirty because Primeknit is kind of tough for me to clean. This white on white is CRISP and went with pretty much everything I packed. That means one pair of shoes and one bag, amIright? The Ultraboost has been a favorite amongst sneaker lovers since it made it's debut back in January of 2015. I actually have an OG pair that I use for my runs and they have been my favorite since I started actually running in them back in the spring.

Luckily, the Ultraboost has the type of silhouette that can be equal parts runner and lifestyle shoe. Wearing this pair through Downtown Houston was a breeze. Parking wasn't the easiest to find so, we had to walk quite a bit which gave Adidas' Boost cushioning system an opportunity to really bring the comfort. The Fitcounter molded heel provides a natural fit that didn't feel at all tight on my Achilles and the Continental™ Rubber sole basically kept me from wiping out on the freshly waxed restaurant floor. Gotta be thankful for the little things, right? LOL.

I'm starting to dig Houston a little bit and, that's definitely a good thing since we'll be co-hosting a dope event next month, which you'll see more about this week! If you're looking to shop the style or the sneaks, you can do so by clicking up top or below.

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Images: Jontrice Murray

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