Images: clubheronpreston

Images: clubheronpreston

We are back with another sneakHER style tip and this time, we're talking about belts. Industrial belts have taken over the streetwear scene all thanks to Off-White. The long, heavy material belts with utility closures add a little bit of flair to any outfit. We recently came across the Stussy Jacquard Climbing Belt and instantly had heart eyes. The simplicity of the belt is perfect for anyone that wants to get in on this industrial wave but doesn’t want to spend big bucks just yet. While these belts may be a little off-putting with their exaggerated lengths and heavy-duty closures on some, they can be fairly easy to style. From high-waisted trousers to overcoats, you can pair these utility belts with almost anything. With that being said, let’s get into some style tips!

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Starting with a look fitting for Spooktober, this Stussy Climbing belt in orange makes such a statement. Paired with black high-waisted trousers, she elevates her look by layering a mesh long sleeve underneath the Stussy tee.

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No belt loops, no problem. I love how she paired this Off-White mini belt with these pinstripe pants. Wrapped around her waist twice and tucked into itself, the belt makes a statement without taking away from her look. Also, peep that sneakHER game.

Hello, Heron Preston! The limits to this belt game are endless. Elevate even a suited look with a utility belt. I’m living for this look. Wrapped around her waist once, tucked and left to hang, this look is effortless but still looks put together.

What better way to wear a utility belt than with a pair of utility pants. Cargo pants are back in style and they look so good with these types of belts. Worn through the belt loops with the extra length left to hang, this look is so good and simple. The closure is also important when creating looks; this parachute clasp works great with the cargo pants.

And we can’t leave this post without an official how-to guide from the ones that started it all…

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The possibilities are endless with industrial belts and that’s why they’ve taken off. People are getting super creative, I’ve even seen these worn wrapped around the chest like a harness. Have you been rocking these belts? We want to see your looks. Tag us on Instagram @cnkdaily! You can shop our new favorite Stussy Jacquard Climbing Belt below for just $30.