Weeeee're back with CNK's SNEAKHER ASSEMBLY. If you're new to this, it's where our CNK Style Editor (Ticara) and myself (Cassidy) go head to head and weigh in on how we feel about a particular silhouette. The fun part is we have varying opinions that span across a wide spectrum of factors. I like to say that Ticara is an ambassador of dope sneaker style while I'm a creature of habit and like bold prints on my classic favorites.

Our next sneakher is powered by the Jumpman and streetwear style queen, Aleali May. Aleali is known to excite us females in the sneaker community as we anticipate her upcoming projects, and she has set the bar pretty high with the effortless way she pairs high fashion and sneakers alike. With Aleali celebrating her one year anniversary of her black/silver Air Jordan 1 this past week, it was only right to talk about her next AJ1.

We thought we would go ahead and share our thoughts with our CNK Crew because we're all family, and sharing is caring, right? RIGHT. If you want to know what Ticara and I initially thought of this Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 "Viotech", continue reading below.

TICARA: I had seen Aleali teasing these on her Instagram page feels like a long long time ago. I absolutely love the color scheme on these because they remind me of pair of dunks I bought back in the early 2000's. I adore the fur attachment which makes these dope to wear in both fall and winter and you can detach it and wear these in spring and summer. The suede upper can be bit tricky during the colder months but us pro's know how to handle that just fine. They're colorful and almost go with anything. I just think these are so fun and Aleali and Jordan did their thing with this one. I'm sold. 

CASSIDY: I may be biased on this pair from the jump because 1) I LOVE an Air Jordan 1 and 2) Bold colorblocking is a win. Even though I have to go on record that I’m still salty behind Aleali’s 2017 AJ1 and not being able to grab a pair… I am all for this pair. I love the contrast of pastels mixed with warmer tones like Bordeaux. This Jordan is really a transitional pair because I could see myself rockin’ all year long through any SZN. I wasn’t completely sold on the fur at first, but can appreciate the details and like that it is detachable. This is a pair that I definitely need in my collection.

WHAT'S THE VERDICT CNK CREW?  Are these a Cop or Can?  Are you feeling these next round of Aleali May x Air Jordan sneakers? We are really praying that these make their appearance outside of the Friends & Family vault and to the public. Stay tuned as we keep these gems on our radar with release information.


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