We're big fans of fashion that makes a says something. From colorful comfort pieces to sneakher style that pays homage to WOC, if it makes a statement - especially one worth seeing - we're big fans. So, when a CNK reader slid this image in our DM's asking where she could find the sweatshirt in question we were all over it.

This Nike JDI Ribbed Sweatshirt is pretty unsuspecting upon first glance but, like most things in life, it's what lies behind the surface that speaks volumes. The shirt features text on the back which reads like one big list of every FOMO moment ever. And, as is customary with most everything in the Nike JDI collection, it ends by simply saying "JUST DO IT." Simple, straight to the point, and all about action.

If you're looking to cop this conversation starting sweatshirt, you're in luck: we found it. Click the link below to shop the style and, if you're feeling the JDI collection, we've pulled a few other options that might be right up your style statment alley.

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